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Southen Iowa Sirens Hit-A-Thon

The Hit-A-Thon is Southern Iowa Sirens Fastpitch primary fundraiser for the spring 2022 season.

The Southern Iowa Sirens (SIS) organize 3 teams with around 33 softball players from the ages of 8 through 14. SIS have operating expenses including the purchase of uniforms and equipment to successfully run the league each season.  Registration fees pay about 65% of the overall expenses.  

This year's Hit-A-Thon, we are looking to raise funds for the following.

 - Tournament registration fees (Entry and Gate Fees)
 - Uniforms for our new players (Jersey/Belt/Socks)

Any extra funds raised during this Hit-A-Thon will be used on equipment needed for the teams or rolled over the fall season.

                EVENT DATE

The SIS Hit-A-Thon will be held on Saturday, March 5th at Osceola Sports Complex in Osceola, IA. Please come out to cheer on all the players supporting SIS! 


1:00pm         10u
2:00pm         12u
3:00pm         14u

Hit-A-Thon: Headliner
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